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Jul 25

Keep fucking learning - GFDA

I recently switched over to Creative Cloud, and it is very cool to be able to use new tools and features after using CS3 for the past 6 years. I’m loving the cleaner interface and that Touch Type Tool is delightful.

One of the applications I’ve been using in the past few days is Flash Professional. For some reason I was so reluctant to learn Flash, but once I started moving things around while watching numerous tutorials online and got the butterfly actually flying with its wings flopping around, I was really happy, and no one could stop after that.

I noticed that the rewarding feeling of seeing your own images moving perfectly just like you imagined on the screen is very similar to when working on prints in the studio especially when you work with transparent medium/color. Drop some ink, make some proof, set the paper, pull the squeezee, lift up the screen to check and bam! You literary jump up and scream “Holy shit! This is working! I did this!”

The reason I decided to try this intimidating application is I was recently faced with a situation that “If no one will do it, I have to.” kind of moment. We needed a video clip for promotional purpose and someone had to do it.

As a small startup, we don’t have enough resource, money or manpower to pull off something spectacular. And everyone seemed to be stuck with their own task. I looked around and thought for a moment. I know design rules, what works and what doesn’t work for the project, have a strong storytelling skill, although I have loads of other work to do, this is very important and I definitely can pull it off as long as I have access to internet for online tutorials and forums to ask questions.

So, having recently upgraded memory on my beloved MacBook Pro, I decided to give it a try, and now I’m digging the process. My next challenge will be After Effects to edit and add some more stuff to the animation.

And here’s the important stuff to remember; it’s always fun to try new things, and you fuck up once or twice but when you get it right for the first time, it just feels SO GOOD.

Challenge yourself or there will be no growth for yourself or your team.

Today I’m thankful for great online tutorials and Adobe team for making their products powerful, fun and valuable.


May 25


May 12

Narrative Matters

GT One-Shot

I’ve been studying about game design intensively for the past few weeks and came across this video today, and I’m very glad I did.

Ever since I was a child I enjoyed good story. I mean, who doesn’t? People are naturally attracted to stories because it stimulates and evokes imagination, curiosity and understanding.

So when we started talking about our next project, I knew I had to have a story to get started at least for myself, since I’m leading the project. It will be a big challenge to mash story and gameplay but it will also be a lot of fun to work on it.

Another important thing I realized today is that characters or mascots are everywhere in Japan even in games which I haven’t seen much in the US unless it’s marketed towards kids. Somehow, character business is a huge deal here. So when games, books or any kind of products are being made, a lot of people strongly consider that side of business as well. There’s even a bunch of official mascots for cities and big corporations, and it just makes me sick to see the lack of design but people are attracted to it, or maybe they just feel obligated to do so because it’s cute. It’s Japan, after all. Maybe I’m thinking too much, but I think exploitation of sub-standard’s standard all over the country for many years don’t make us improve. -Yes, I’m borrowing Jonathan Blow’s comment from this interview.- It only makes us poor viewers and people in general don’t really know how to appreciate art and design anymore and that’s a really sad thing considering all the beauty and technology we’ve created and developed in the past years. Is it only me who feels like this country is moving backwards? Some people are doing amazing and beautiful things, but majority of people don’t even care to take the issues seriously.

I think it’s a terrible idea to make a product only to get character business started. My focus is and always will be the storyline, and creating things based on it. I believe without a story, there is no meaning nor motivation to understand whatever you are making or trying to make. Ask John Kricfalusi. It just doesn’t speak to anyone even the ones making it. It becomes lifeless, and that is no way in hell “character design”.

Our company recently experienced a hiccup from a project with this issue, but I actually have an episode of my own from last year.

Our business partner who directed and produced one of the iOS games I worked on told me during the character design development that story behind a character doesn’t mean shit. Needless to say his main focus was on getting the character business started. I completely disagreed with his opinion. Not only it is disrespectful to the customers/players, it is disgrace to the whole design community in the world.

When creating characters I need to have a story that helps to develop further. Players don’t necessarily have to know the whole story behind it, but I need to in order to put life into it, which makes each character relatable and charming. Since he was very convinced of his opinion, I made up my own story and continued on. At the end he liked the way characters looked on his term, so we went ahead and released it last year.

I learned a lot from the whole process during that time and I don’t regret what I did or chose not to do under the circumstance. However, I can’t let other people walk all over the important design process just because they feel like it and they are calling the shots. Thankfully, guys in our company are pretty awesome and always willing to listen to what other people have to say, and I feel comfortable working in the environment at this point. We were a bit too young and didn’t have much knowledge or skill to convince people back then even if we knew the right things to do in our guts, and it was the experience we all had to go through.

For the next project, my soul-intention would be, No More Bullshit.

Apr 26

Insane 3D Artworks -

This time we chose some great examples of recent artworks and more! As the days pass us by, these are getting more realistic… I wonder who long will it take for us to have all of these looking like perfect photographs. Maybe not that long, right? In the…

Apr 10


Oh my gawwwwd this Highland cow is so fluffly! 


Oh my gawwwwd this Highland cow is so fluffly

Zombie Season

So here’s the initial set of ​background images for Zombie Season. The one in the bottom right corner will not be used but I like it, and I’d like to do a full painting of some of it with light and shadow someday..  

I also learned a lot about HMS Victory which I couldn’t resist but draw. She is one gorgeous gal.

Apr 09




Jackson Pollock



Jackson Pollock


(Source: explore-blog)

Apr 08



​Ain’t that a bitch……Kidding. This piece is going to be used as one of the background images for an iOS game we’re currently working on. It features cute-looking, semi-colorful zombies for your viewing pleasure. You’re going to enjoy it.

These orange lines help to create the depth of the image and relationship between the size of buildings and characters placed in this environment. *I enhanced the lines with bright orange color so I can show how intense they are to work with. You need to be extremely focused and meticulous to work with these stuff, but without being completely stressed out. I put my headphones on and blasted Johnny Cash which I got hooked all over again from watching Walking Dead from season 1 - current episode as part of a research in order to get some basic references of a post-apocalyptic look and feel. Of course I watched Night of The Living Dead and 28 days later but The Walking Dead features a lot of beautiful work -means how realistic and carefully they created each scenes and the detail  of zombie makeup is definitely worth googling further.- and a great storyline. Needless to say, I developed a huge respect for the creators and staff including casts of that show.

Anyway, It may look ridiculous to work with hundreds of support lines like these, but I enjoyed working on this piece a lot, actually.​ The challenge was to keep the design as minimal as possible without losing the key elements from the storyline. I’ll post the finished work later.